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Time Voyagers has been known as a free and useful resource for genealogy, ancestral research into particular surnames, and for the Time Voyagers Bookstore and the Time Voyagers World Music Store. Access to genealogical resources and Web pages will remain available and no fee imposed for non-profit use of the data offered.

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We are a private, family owned limited partnership. We are located in located in south central Pennsylvania with family ties in Pennsylvania dating back to the 1700s and other U.S. ties dating back to the 16th century. This Web site began in 1995 as a casual pursuit in the study of family history. The data and family history studies continue and are still available as free information on this Web site. In order to maintain a high level of privacy and to avoid being deluged with unwanted commercial solicitations, we do not publish family biographies or accept inquiries for commericial products or services. We welcome your questions and inquires, including your questions about our genealogical information. You can be assured that we maintain a strict level of privacy. We maintain professional and business relationships with credible and trustworthy companies and individuals.

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